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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The other Emily...

I am terribly late in mentioning this wonderful thing, maybe I'm bashful.  The fabulous Emily Evans Eerdmans came and visited me and then went so far as to write about me and my flowers.  I am over the moon to have caught her eye.  You can read what she said here, and perhaps catch a touch of Eerdmans fever as I did ages ago- I was especially drawn in with her description of a mad cabinet-secretaire in cork, pictured below.  The visit may have been a harbinger of some VERY INTERESTING PROJECTS which have cropped up since that we'll try try try to photograph and include here.  It's looking like we'll have an amazing spring.  Thank you, Emily.  I look forward to making you lots of beautiful things.  Here is a virtual bouquet for you for starters.
 Photo by Josie Miner

 The mad cabinet-secretaire in cork:
 Photos by Emily Eerdmans.

Below are some hints regarding the above-mentioned VERY INTERESTING PROJECTS.  More to come soon.

Photos by Emily Thompson.


  1. That is how I got here.........& I'm impressed, and will continue to visit! Wish your shop was close to me.

  2. I was very happy to find you via E.E.E. and see your wonderful flower arrangements. I sent her post to all my flower loving friends in NYC, too.

  3. Welcome, friends of E.E.E! I will try to post more frequently and show all the wonderful flora that are passing through my hands. Spring is springing, at least in the flower market...