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Friday, November 12, 2010

More press...

We're in Lucky this week:

"Elise Loehnen, editor at large: Anybody who has gone through the process of planning a wedding can attest that it will suck up as much time as you give it--there are endless themes and tropes to explore, and just as many seemingly small decisions to be made (from the weight of the napkins to the thickness of the calligraphed line). So you may as well make the decisions with people you like, right, particularly when said people are wildly creative and talented. This weekend I tripped on over to Emily Thompson's recently reopened flower shop in Dumbo (57 Jay St., 323-896-1494, Friday-Sunday, 1-7 pm), where Emily turns out otherworldly holiday wreaths and some of the most creative floral displays out there (check out this recent display she put together for Garden Design Magazine). She can literally trick out a table to look like Bambi might have taken a nap there (in the best possible way). Whether you're getting married--or need something awesome and conversation-inducing for a dinner party--this is your girl."

emily thompson flowers large.jpg

Thanks Elise! You banquet table will be sure to include a soft bed of leaves and moss for you to curl up in...

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  1. How did I not know you? What imaginative work. Love it. I'm now a follower and will pepper your posts with flattering comments.